About me

Description of Picture.I am born in the year, as Switzerland introduced the women's suffrage, the US banned advertising on cigarettes and the UAE were founded.

Growing up in the south of Hesse I finished school in the year of the German reunification. After finishing my military service I studied Business Administration in Mannheim. I finished with a MBA (Dipl. Betriebswirt/BA) before starting my first job in market reserach. 

Till 2011 - Market Research Manager (in Germany and Switzerland) - Retail and Consumer Panel - Promotion and Media Efficiency Studies  - Shopper Research - Qualitativ and Quantitativ Studies on different FMCG categories from Chocolate to Baby Care, from Culinary to Coffee.   

2011 - 2016 - Market Research Group Manager with a team of four. - Market Information (RMS, CPS, Tracking and Image Studies, Competitiv Intelligence) - Customer & Shopper Insight - Promotion, Media and WEB Efficiency Studies

2016 - 2021 - Head of Demand Signal Repository - Advanced Analytics, Marketing Mix Modelling, Media Optimization in CPG Industry.

Since 2022 - Data & Analytics Lead / Head of Supply Chain Analytics - Advanced Analytics, AI/ML Applications, Modellings, Demand Forecasting in CPG Industry.


What matters:
I once will die with memories and not with dreams