Everything has started in 1987 with the old Porst Reflex FX2 from my father. I replaced this camera in 1989 with a Nikon F301 followed by a Nikon F70 in 1997.

Starting with Digital I moved to Canon and my last camera used for slides has been a Canon EOS 30. By now I have scanned all the 17.982 slides taken between Apr. 1987 and Nov. 2008.

My first step into the digital World has been a Canon IXUS 300 back in 2001. My DSLR time started with a Canon 350D in 2005, followd by a 400D in 2007. Since 2009 I'm taking most of my photos with Canon EOS 5D, 7D or R models. Having used Sigma lenses in the beginning I'm now using Canon Lenses most of the time.